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In The Next 5 Days, We'll Put A No-Cost New Client Generation Campaign In Place That Generates
At Least 5 NEW Appointments With Quality Prospects In 10 Days Or Less
 (And, all you need is about 15 - 30 Minutes Per Day)

Do You Have Marketing That Creates Urgency and Helps You Generate 
New Clients Whenever You Want?

(If not, I have good on...)

Dr. Len Schwartz
CEO,Market Domination Services
Author, Cut The Yo-Yo
This is for YOU if you’re a business owner and are GREAT at what you do, BUT don't have prospects and new clients rolling in as quickly as you want right now. AND, you have the time and bandwidth to talk to, meet with and/or onboard at least 5 prospects in the next 10 days.
  • The 5in10 is a NO-cost new client generation campaign
  • ​The 5in10 will help you leverage your existing assets (i.e. email list, services, solutions, knowledge/expertise, etc.)
  • ​The 5in10 will get at least 5 prospects to reach out to you directly and/or ask to schedule an appointment with you in 10 days or less

What This is Not...

  • You won't have to ask anyone for referrals
  • ​You won't have to chase cold leads/prospects in any way
  • ​You won't have to sell, force, convince or "hard-close" anyone 

How Does The 5in10 Work?

A big part of this 5in10 campaign is this...

When you know how to create DESIRE and URGENCY 
for your services and solutions
and combine that with Rapid Trust Building (RTB)
which gets your prospects to that emotional "WOW, I need that"moment...

Prospects will reach out to you quickly in order 
to learn HOW you can help them.


*IMPORTANT - This works best for those that have a proven track record of success, a good reputation and are 100% confident that they can help people with their products, services or solutions.


I’ll give you short trainings (show you what to do) 
every day for the next 5 days - 
so all you have to do is "plug and play".

If you follow the step-by-step process, 
you should expect to schedule at least 5 new appointments 
in the next 10 days.
(More often than not, it's more than 5. If that's too many, don't worry, we have SYSTEMS to help you scale and handle the demand.)

More Details...

This is for you, if...:

  • You have the time to meet new prospects and onboard new clients now
  • ​You have an email database of at least 25 active and prospective clients
  • ​You have 15 - 30 minutes per day to implement this plan

The Real Secret To CONSISTENTLY Acquiring New Clients Is Learning How To Create Interest, Curiosity and Demand For Your Services and Solutions Whenever You Want

Sure, you’ll need spend a little time talking to prospects about how you can help them, but knowing how to create demand for your services and solutions IS the game-changer.

And THIS Is Why The 5in10 Will Generate At Least
5 Appointments In
The Next 10 Days.

The 5in10 With Dr. Len

Together, We’ll Launch A NO-COST
New Client Generation Campaign
That Generates At Least 5 Appointments
With Quality Prospects In The Next 10 Days

Each day, you’ll be invited to watch a training where I’ll teach the core lesson,
and then give you a simple action item to complete prior to the next lesson.

You’ll also be added to a 5in10 Member’s Only site
AND private 5in10 Facebook Group where you can get advice and support
(i.e. all of your questions answered)  and interact with other "5in10-ers".

The first two days we’ll focus on Set-Up and Strategy (which is super-important), and then implementation.

There are 5 lessons over 5 days and each training is recorded.  So, if you can’t make a session, you’ll still be able to watch it any time you want.

At the end of the 5in10, you’ll have a simple, actionable New Client Generation Campaign that will generate at least 5 appointments with quality prospects in the next 10 days.  (And, you can use it again and again throughout the year).
**Plus, you'll get the "7-Figure Market Domination Implementation Formula"
E-book which explains how to implement and optimize a 7-figure-per-year marketing PLAN.

In short…

By this time next week, you’ll have appointments scheduled and be on your way to acquiring new clients in the next 10 days. 🙂

So that's it.

If you're committed to doing whatever you can
to generate more new business and income right now...

I hope you’ll join us.

- Dr. Len
CEO of Market Domination Services
Author of Cut The Yo-Yo

P.S. Most of our clients make their entire investment back (X 10) within
2 weeks give or take...

Here's What You'll Get When You Join The 5in10 With Dr. Len...

5 Days Of Daily Video Training: Dr. Len will take you through the step-by-step strategy and implementation process.       ($897 Value)
The 5in10 Private Member's Area AND Facebook Group: Join a community of like-minded, growth-oriented business owners as we work together to generate the results you want. Answers to your questions and support offered there as well. ($100 Value)
The 7-Figure Market Domination Implementation Formula E-book:  This is the formula I use to help my clients create their own Personal Marketing Machine (PMM) to generate an extra 3 - 10 prospects every week. (Priceless)

A $997 Value For Just $97

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*Guarantee: If, after implementing the 5in10, you have not generated at least 5 appointments in 10 days (or less),
Dr. Len AND his team will work with you personally until you do. 


Wednesday, September 23rd
11AM Eastern / 2PM Pacific
"Set Up" Day
Thursday, September 24th
11AM Eastern / 2PM Pacific
I Help You Create Your Irresistible Offer
(For regulated professionals like Financial Advisors - expect it to be 100% compliance approved)
Friday, September 25th
11AM Eastern / 2PM Pacific
Strategic Lead Follow-Up AND
Appointment Setting Process - Part 1
Monday, September 28th
11AM Eastern / 2PM Pacific
Generate More Appointments AND
Lead Follow-Up - Part 2
Tuesday, September 29th
11AM Eastern / 2PM Pacific
Wrap Up and Final Instructions

Who Is Dr. Len Schwartz

Dr. Len  Schwartz is an entrepreneur, author, speaker and business-building coach and marketing strategist.

He recently released his new book (AND podcast) called "Cut The Yo-Yo - Never Go A Day Without Leads, Referral or Sales Again"

Dr. Len  is a former chiropractor and  after building one of the largest practices in Philadelphia, he started a marketing company in 1999 to help other doctors, professionals and business owners automate the growth of their businesses. 

Dr. Len has worked and/or partnered with people like the
late Chet Holmes, the late Jay Levinson, Jay Abraham, Tony Robbins, e-myth’s Michael Gerber and dozens of other internationally known marketing and business building leaders.

He owns one of the largest LinkedIn groups in the world (Marketing and Networking for Doctors and Professionals) with 85,000+ members and growing.
Since 1999, Dr. Len has become a sought after expert on helping business owners create consistent demand for their products/services by implementing dozens of NO-COST New Client Generation Campaigns and Expert Positioning Strategies.

Dr. Len is the creator of the world-renowned Lead and Sales Conversion Mastery Process, which teaches business owners how to morally and ethically “reverse the chase” (with prospects) and create urgency and strong emotional desire in the prospect’s mind. This process requires no selling, forcing or convincing and dramatically accelerates the lead-to-new client process.

Since 1999, Dr. Len has been empowering individuals to achieve next-level personal, professional and financial success.

Dr. Len is happily married and the proud father of two amazingly successful children.

Let's Generate At Least 5 Appointments
In The Next 10 Days!

Join the 5in10 with Dr. Len and Get:

  • 5 Days of Strategy and Implementation Training with Dr. Len
  • A Step-by-Step 5 Day New Client Generation Campaign
  • My personal list of Subject titles and Headlines you can use to get 75% (or more) of your emails opened
  • ​Private “5in10-ers Only” Member's Area and Facebook Group
  • Support from Dr. Len's Market Domination team
  • ​BONUS: "The 7-Figure Market Domination Implementation Formula" E-book
  • ​*Guarantee: If, after implementing the 5in10, you have not generated at least 5 appointments in 10 days (or less), Dr. Len and his team will work with you personally until you do.

Value: $997

Join Today For Just $97

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